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Check out this page to find out more about becoming one of our many members!

ONE universal rewards membership.

DONATIONS to your favorite charity.

REAL cash-back to you.

What's A member?

  • ONE, universal rewards membership for everywhere you go

  • Real cash-back to you

  • Donations to your favourite charity

Finally the rewards program that you’ve always wanted! You can now get a real cash-back reward AND a donation to your favourite charity with every purchase you make!

No more points, just real money back to you. You work hard for your money and deserve to be rewarded from the companies you spend that money with. Merchants spend marketing dollars that are difficult to measure. They do this with flyers and advertisements of all shapes and sizes. With your phone number or your TiGeRSshare QR code membership, you are telling them to give those marketing dollars directly to you & a charity that you care about.   

Our mission at TiGeRSshare (The Gratititude Reward System) is to get you the money that you deserve in an easy, user-friendly system. We’ve noticed that you don’t want to carry multiple rewards cards. With a large universal network of vendors, you now only need a QR code or your phone number. As shoppers you have a strong voice. It’s time you use that voice to make great things happen for you and the community around you. Please continue to support your community with this amazing program. With this one single, unified program YOU get to decide where corporate donations are going. You get to choose your favourite charity and a donation will be made to that charity every time you use your phone number or QR code at our participating vendors. Just COMPLETE REGISTRATION, tell us what you love and let’s love it together!


Are Gratitude Rewards really free?

Yes, it really is 100% free for you the customer.

You can use your Gratitude Rewards without registering. Your cash-back and donations will be saved on your account. However, you must eventually register so that we know where to send your cash-back check and the charitable donations.

Is TiGeRSshare like a credit or debit card?

No it is not. We will never ask you for your banking or credit information. We just want to send you the cash back that you have earned. Your membership is a rewards membership only, it is not worth any money and you cannot buy anything with it. It is simply a way for you to earn cash back and a donation from the retailers for your charity of choice.

What is the difference between the iSwirl Card and The Gratitude Card?

They are one and the same. iSwirl is the technologies company behind The Gratitude Card. Some people refer to it as an iSwirl card, and others The Gratitude Card.

How can I get one of these amazing TiGeRSshare memberships?

1. From a participating retailer.

2. Hit the sign-up button on the top of any page.

3. By clicking on the link in our social media posts or the social media posts of our many partners. 

4. At one of our online or community events.

How do I register?

Click “sign up” in the menu of this website and follow the prompts. You’ll be earning cash-back and donations to your favorite charity in no time.

Where can I shop with my TiGeRSshare membership?

We are expanding all the time. Please click the “Find a Vendor” located in the menu for a list of vendors. We’ve conveniently listed the vendors closest to you on our map and categories feature when your location is turned on. Look for our unique TiGeRSshare logo at retailers online and in store. Look for retailers that we promote all over social media.

Do I need my membership QR code at the point-of-sale to get the cash-back?

NO, you can simply tell the clerk or enter your phone number online to earn your cash-back. Or take a photo of your QR code and store in your camera roll or digital wallet. (Using your QR code is always the safest way to use the program, so that no one can hear your phone number.)

Do I have to register?

Yes, if you would like to receive your cash-back and to have retailers donate to your charity, you must COMPLETE REGISTRATION. Your phone number can be used though until you have a minute to do this.

What charities can I choose to receive the donations from the retailers?

You can choose any organization you like except Terrorist organizations or Political Parties, associations, organizations or electoral actions.  Part of the mission of TiGeRSshare is to direct corporate donations to something YOU care about that will benefit our communities and our world in a way we can all come together. Tell us what you love and let’s love it together. Choose from the drop down menu or type in the name of the charity you want.

How much are the points worth?

There are NO POINTS here at TiGeRSshare. You earn REAL CASH-BACK from retailers.

1. You buy from participating retailers, either online or in store.

2. You give them your phone number or QR code.

3. The retailers then send a real cash back portion to the bank trust account.

4. The bank trust account then accumulates these amounts for 90 days.

5. Then the bank trust account pays you real cash back as an e-transfer to your email and/or phone number and they also send the donation portion that you have also earned to the charity that you chose when you registered.

Why are the cash-back amounts different for each vendor?

The vendor decides the minimum or qualifying purchase based upon their product or service. The vendor also decides the fixed cash-back or dollar amount to their customers and their charity of choice based upon what they can afford to give.

Some vendors may only have one cash-back level, such as a coffee shop. Example: Spend $15 here today and you get $1. That $1 cash back then gets divided equally between you and your charity of choice – $0.50 goes to you and $0.50 to your charity.

The next vendor might have multiple levels. Example: 1) Spend over $50 get $2.50 back, including a $1.25 donation. 2) Spend over $100 and get $5.00 back including a $2.50 donation. 3) Spend over $200 and get $10 back including a $5 donation. The charity gets “half the value” of whatever the customer gets. 

Why do I not get a cash-back on all of my purchases?

The rewards in the TiGeRS share system are always set dollar amounts, and not in percentages.

We must respect the generous merchants that are willing to give back and ensure enough of a sale has been made for them to give back. We have done this by implementing minimum purchase amounts. These amounts are based on the average purchases per location. Please see the amounts offered at the point of sale, on the retailer’s websites and on their e-commerce sites.

How do I get my CASH-BACK and how often?

You will receive an electronic transfer notice to your phone number and/or to your email OR you will receive and e-transfer or a real check in the mail EVERY 3 MONTHS for you cash-back rewards.

The charity you’ve chosen will also receive a e-transfer or check during the same payout period.

Payments are issued when a minimum of $10 in cash-back rewards has been reached. Your cash-back rewards that have not been paid out will always roll over to the next pay period in the event that you haven’t reached the $10 minimum. You will never lose out on any of your cash-back rewards.

Do you have a TiGeRSshare App?

Not yet, but we will.

For now, we have what is called a responsive website. It is one website that has been crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). You can login and check your account from the website for now.

**Smartphone Users: If you add the page to your homescreen, on most phones it will show up looking like an app. It is a quick link to our mobile website.

Become A Member Today!

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