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Check out this page to find out more about becoming one of our many retail/vendor partners!

The sale ALWAYS
comes first.

NEW revenue streams.

YOUR brand viewed by millions.


At TiGeRS Share (The Gratitude Reward System) we understand the challenges that face businesses, big and small. The solution to your problems is:

  1. Creating more sales.

  2. A systemized way of reaching your target audience.

  3. A way to show your community support.

Install TiGeRSshare and watch your sales grow, your expenses decrease, and expand your community’s Share and Celebrate economy!

TRUTH: You spend money on marketing dollars every day. You deserve to have these dollars create provable, trackable sales for you, every time.


TiGeRSshare is changing the model for everyone. NOW, you will only spend marketing dollars AFTER a sale is made. You can also receive new revenue stream OUTSIDE your own sales. You will get the proper ANALYTICS to direct the expansion and targeted marketing for your company. Your BRAND is viewed by your community and possibly even millions of people on social media. Imagine SOCIAL MEDIA going viral about your business, the generosity and the great attitude you share with your customers and the charities they care about. We know you can’t support every local minor sports team or charity that knocks on your door.  The TiGeRSshare system can do all of this for you with one universal loyalty and Gratitude Rewards system.

Vendor Questions

How do I get more information about the TiGeRSshare program?

Contact us directly at 1-833-TIGERS8 (1-833-844-3778) or to talk to one of our representatives.

Can the TiGeRSshare system handle all of my customers as well as a nation of retailers?

Absolutely! The TiGeRSshare system can handle anything you throw at it. We are prepared to take TiGeRSshare across the globe. Currently we can process 1 million transactions per minute. Our technology is infinitely expandable in all countries.

Is the program really free for retailers to begin?

YES, there are no installation fees of any kind to get started with the TiGeRSshare Gratitude rewards solution. 

The only money you will spend will be on the rewards that you are giving to the customer AFTER a sale has been completed with your business. YOU set your own qualifying purchase threshold(s) and YOU tell us how much total reward you want to give to show gratitude to that customer for each threshold.

Our philosophy is Sell, Give, Receive, Repeat. We are always motivated to ensure you get the sale first before any money goes out. Don’t spend any “new money”, just reposition existing, non-working, marketing dollars into cash-back for your customers and charitable donations, then watch as your business, your customers and your community benefits.  Our social media influencers are waiting to tell everyone about how your business gives back. 

Why does my business have to give out the member invites?

This is YOUR Gratitude rewards program. Your unique invitation is the way of getting your brand on their devices. Every person that you invite can become a new royalty revenue stream for you.


Even if they only purchase from you once, as long as they register the invitation code they got from you as their new TiGeRSshare membership and use it at any TiGeRS share participating retailer; you receive that royalty. Every name that is registered by you will generate on average, $10 per year, forever.  10,000 members registered with your QR code would generate $100,000/year as long as they are members. You can’t accommodate every local charity or little league team in your market, but now you can.


Enjoy bringing the SHARE & CELEBRATE ECONOMY TO YOUR COMMUNITY AND NATION. The more invites you give out, the more members will register with your code, and therefore, the more brand play and revenues you will receive. This exactly the same distribution model that VISA implemented 40 years ago.  That was just about making money.  This is about a truly communitarian economy – GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE for everyone involved!

How can TiGeRSshare support the view of so many different charities and non-profits?

Our focus at TiGeRS Share is to support what YOU care about, NOT what the founders and partners of TiGeRS Share care about.

We have provided you with a platform to support your cause. We may not necessarily agree with the views and opinions of each charity, non-profit and association in our database, but if they are legal registered charity and obey the laws and guidelines set in place by their respective governments, TiGeRSshare will do whatever we can to support them through our solution.  

We care about what you care about. Members choose the charity.  Enjoy. 

Who can I share the codes with?

Anyone you like. However, we highly recommend that you give them to people who care about you and your business. Family, relatives, friends and of course loyal customers. 

You should give your unique TiGeRSshare invitation to every customer you have. All they need to get started is to click on the link or scan your business’ unique QR code, enter their phone number and now they are now linked with your business for the life of the membership.

You can send your invitation by email, text or have it as a link on your website and/or social media posts or physically in person by printing off the invitation (color copies work the best) OR contact us to find out how to include your unique link & QR code on to your business cards, flyers, coupons, and all print media that you currently have going out.

Can I have my own logo put on The Gratitude Cards?

Yes, we encourage retailers of all sizes to take ownership of this program and encourage you to have your own brand and logo on the invitation. 
We also provide a uniquely branded splash page when people come to our website to register that has your brand on it, matching the invitation.

You want people to think of your business as the brand that helped them get access to this universal rewards solution. We thank your business for giving out these invitations when we pay them their cash-back.  We also thank your business when the payouts go out to the charities and mention your business when posting on social media.


How much of a cash-back do I have to give?

Great question. It is completely up to you the retailer. 
We have created this system to provide multiple gifting levels. With this tool you can have multiple levels of offers. All the cash-back incentives are always based on qualifying purchases. You also set the qualifying purchase amounts.

With TiGeRSshare you are totally in the driver’s seat. The qualifying purchase(s) and cash-back values are determined by you the retailer and this becomes your gifting strategy. Your gifting strategy can also be changed at any time by you by logging in to your dashboard on our website at or by contacting us at

How long is the initial term of the contract?

Use your smartphone or tablet to login using your unique login credentials that you will receive after we install your business into our system.

Once you are logged in simply click on your link and enter the member’s phone number or scan their QR code using your device camera.  Then select the offer that the customer has achieved, click process transaction.

TigERSshare and the bank trust account do the rest. The transactions that you complete will generate a monthly invoice for your business. Please pay this invoice to the bank trust account as detailed on the invoice.

TiGeRSshare is simply the technology solution that moves data only.

The bank trust account collects ALL invoice payments from retailers. This money then accumulates in the trust and is paid out by the bank trust account every 90 days.

What if the customer forgets or cannot find their QR code?

Go to your login link and click Enter Phone Number. Then enter the member’s phone number to access your reward screen. This will ensure that your reward will be applied to the member’s account

Can I advertise the TiGeRSshare solution on my website, social media and other forms of advertising?

Of course you can. Contact us at to get a media kit, instructions, terms and conditions.

I’m moving my business to another city, can I keep my founding retailer status?

Yes, you can. In the next few years, The TiGeRSshare solution will be in every major city.

Technology rewards those that get involved early.  So, enjoy your status.  As long as you want to reward your customers, we are here to help you and inspire people to buy from you.  
Just update your retailer profile with your new address and contact information.  Your login will remain the same. 

Become A Partnered Vendor Today!

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